With an original IP consisting of nine fully nuanced elements of magic, Cass Morris takes her place among the master worldbuilders.
The genre needs more powerful female leads with more power women writing them.
May this fire continue to burn brightly!

Reader Review

From Unseen Fire is brilliantly imagined and plotted. Its world is rich, with no detail left unattended to. Cass Morris has generated Tolkien-level tomes of information about the world of Aven to make the world come alive. And come alive it does. … The book rockets along at breakneck speed through the machinations of the Senate, and the public (and personal) struggles of Latona and Sempronius. Any wait at the beginning is well worth it as the pieces fall into place as the book progresses. Readers who are patient enough to let Cass Morris build the world around them will be rewarded handsomely with an amazing ride.


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