Reader Review

From the start we are thrust into ancient Aven—a city in the midst of political upheaval after the death of the reprobate dictator—a world so real-feeling that I nearly expected to find it in history books as a predecessor to Rome. … Latona struggles to keep her magic under control—after having to keep it reigned in for so long, her magic is yearning to break free. This struck me as a metaphor for so many women, particularly in the current timeframe. Latona is a hero we can get behind, both understanding her failings at self-control and cheering as she unleashes her power.
I have to comment on the writing as well. The language of FROM UNSEEN FIRE is beautiful, crisp and direct. The classical language lends further authenticity to the work. From the language to the clothing to the mentions of Roman minutia—this book feels like it was torn from history.
I can’t wait for book two!