Tonight's #17Scribes Twitter chat (and yes, I'm still part of that group even though my debut got moved two days into 2018 -- they refused to part with me!) was focused on visualizing elements of our novels. I put together some image sets, and I thought I'd share them with y'all! First off, how I … Continue reading Visualizing FROM UNSEEN FIRE

The Charms of Cartography

I mention all of this because, when you're writing a fantasy historical epic, having maps is rather crucial to keeping one's head in place and places in one's head.

The Cast of Aven: The Vitelliae

There's a lovely Roman women dollmaker, and I like to play dress-up sometimes. Because I'm an adult. The male dollmaker isn't quite as good, since it pretty well only works for military costume, not casual or senatorial, but since Gaius here is a tribune, it'll do.  The lack of togate options did mean I had to … Continue reading The Cast of Aven: The Vitelliae

Word Clouds for ‘Aven’ Manuscript

I love word clouds. There's just something mesmerizing about them, and they can be so weirdly artistic, too. I got sort of addicted to them at work, actually, because we use them for various teaching purposes. I've done them for Aven three times now: once right after I finished the first draft, once after I'd done … Continue reading Word Clouds for ‘Aven’ Manuscript

The Painting That Started It

Before I began work on Aven, I had been entertaining the idea of a Roman-set fantasy for a while. It seemed to me that there was so much untapped potential there. Since so many fantasies get the typical western-European medieval/early-Renaissance treatment, but with Rome, you get so many different things -- a more diverse population (not … Continue reading The Painting That Started It

Inspiration Board for The Antares Project

Inspiration Board for The Antares ProjectA lot of fashion, some gadgets, some maps, some history -- all perfect to get me in the mood for working on this project!

Introducing the Ladies of The Antares Project

The clothing is a little more fanciful and a little less historically-sound than I'm really imagining, but all the same, these are reasonable approximations. Haven't yet found a steampunk dollmaker I like well enough for menfolk, so I can't introduce you to the gents yet. 😉