Jigsaw Puzzle Revisions

So for the past couple of months, I've been revising Book Two of the Aven Cycle. It's been an interesting process, because while I'm not actually generating a ton of new content, it's felt like that kind of heavy lifting. Have you ever seen that thing where an artist puts together jigsaw puzzles that have … Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle Revisions

“The selfsame name, but one of better nature.” – On evaluation, discovery, and improvement

I call it come-to-Proserpina or come-to-Ma'at because it's a process of thinking of what those ladies would say of me, were I called to stand before them now. How do my actions represent me? What do they say that my tongue might not? If my heart were to be weighed against Ma'at's feather, how would it balance?

Attention to Detail, or, Cass is an obsessive freak

So I'm almost done with this round of revisions. I'm at the point where I'm doing the penultimate read-through, which will hopefully make sure I catch any continuity errors created by my changes thus far and that I fill in any major omissions from the points raised by the editorial letter. Then the final read-through … Continue reading Attention to Detail, or, Cass is an obsessive freak

#AmEditing – Some more!

I am thoroughly delighted to have a second editorial letter in my hot little hands, chock-full of things for me to attack in the manuscript. No, I really mean that. This letter is fantastic. The first one was great, but much more open-ended. Sarah and I were still getting to know each other, and she didn't … Continue reading #AmEditing – Some more!

From Moodling to Manuscript: The Revision Process

I'm starting 2016 off strong! I've just completed and sent off the first round of revisions under official DAW Editorial guidance (as opposed to Connor's editorial-agent guidance). Those edits are the reason I haven't been blogging here much through the fall -- I could never quite justify to myself writing a blog post when I knew I … Continue reading From Moodling to Manuscript: The Revision Process

Reflections on Revisions

So remember those revisions that I started way back in June? Last week, I finally finished them. This draft took longer than some earlier revisions had, because it involved a lot more restructuring -- that "Come to Proserpina" moment did its job and forced me to really rethink a lot of the shape of the … Continue reading Reflections on Revisions

The Things You Must Not Do (Or: You Can’t Please Everyone, So You Got to Please Yourself)

I generally don't mind editing. In fact I often quite like the challenge of it, but there are times when revisions can make me a little panicky. And it gets worse if, in the process of scrolling through Tumblr and Twitter, it suddenly feels like I'm seeing an inundation of posts and articles titled things like, … Continue reading The Things You Must Not Do (Or: You Can’t Please Everyone, So You Got to Please Yourself)

Once more unto the revisions…

Time to re-attack the manuscript, armed with a shiny new outline and a compressed timeframe. The goal this go-around is to heighten the danger and sense of threat that the characters are in and to give the plot more driving energy. To that end, I'm changing the end goal a bit to something more... obvious? … Continue reading Once more unto the revisions…

Binge Writing

This week, the New York Times published "Impatience Has its Reward: Books Are Rolled Out Faster", an article discussing the trend towards releasing book sequels faster and faster, three within a year or even all at the same time, to encourage "binge reading". It's a response to the way Netflix encourages binge watching. A lot of … Continue reading Binge Writing

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” — Terry Pratchett

In the past ten days, I have created a villain, orchestrated a sex scene, and killed half a dozen people who didn't exist in the first place. I've been editing, and I think can count the number of chapters left un-tampered with on one hand. Something like seventeen chapters saw substantial alterations, two of those were … Continue reading “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” — Terry Pratchett