Change is the constant

The phoenix, after all, has to reduce herself entirely to ash before she can blaze again.

No Matter How Your Heart is Grieving: Some thoughts for #WorldMentalHealthDay

When you're broken -- when your brain tells lies, when depression says you'll never be good enough or brave enough or strong enough, when anxiety has you certain that no one actually likes you and even your friends are just pretending, when let-downs and betrayals occasionally hammer that message home, when toxic influences have magnified everything bad you think about yourself -- just hearing words like those is... well, magic.

Writing as an Extravert

My agent, Connor, took part in a video panel today for #talkwriting, focused on the question of personality type when it comes to careers in the writing and publishing world. It's a topic I find super-interesting, and the conversation pinged a couple of things for me, so -- I blog! A lot of the panel … Continue reading Writing as an Extravert