What I’m up to lately (updated 4/1/23):

  • I got thrown in Twitter Jail and I’m absolutely livid about it.
  • I got to be a guest on the House Wexlair Patreon! We talked about worldbuilding and politics and rhetoric and all sorts of good things!
  • Speaking of rhetoric, I also got to guest star in a friend’s class and talk about the rhetoric of Shakespeare and Hamilton. That was wildly fun, and it’s nice to know I haven’t lost those particular chops.
  • It’s Camp NaNoWriMo time! Definitely using this to try and get solid work done on Infinite Variety. Been doing lots of background work for it; time to turn that into an actual manuscript.
  • Looking forward to RavenCon in a few weeks!
  • Oona the Airedale puppy continues to be precious and perfect.
Black and tan Airedale puppy wearing a safety orange harness; lying on a grey deck with her head adorably cocked to one side

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