What I’m up to lately (updated 2/1/23):

  • The Bloodstained Shade is out!!! It really exists! You can get it in ebook or print!
  • I did an interview with the Speculative Fiction Showcase about The Bloodstained Shade and the Aven Cycle!
  • I have joined Spoutible! Literally just today when it opened. There are first-day hitches, but I’m optimistic.
  • My family acquired a puppy! Her name is Oona, and I am absolutely obsessed with her. She’s an Airedale, which means she is clever and goofy and stubborn, lol. Her favorite toys are currently a hexagon-ball, a pink chewy rope, Nylabone edibles, and my hands. We’re working on that last part.

(Why a “Now” page? Because as algorithms make it increasingly difficult to see updates and content even from people you follow on various platforms, this can be a reliable place to catch up on news!)