What I’m up to lately (updated 11/11/22):

  • Copy edits for The Bloodstained Shade, Book 3 of the Aven Cycle; working on marketing and publicity; and generally preparing for its January 31 launch.
  • Drafting Infinite Variety, a secondworld fantasy inspired by my work at the American Shakespeare Center.
  • Quest Development season at the day job.
  • Launched a fresh newsletter; trying to figure out how often I want to use it.
  • Mourning Twitter’s accelerating plunge off a cliff while still holding out hope for a miracle that allows us to somehow Roadrunner through thin air and onto a plateau on the other side.
  • Increasingly giving up on the idea of buying a house, because the Fed and this market are making it impossible. Checking out apartments again instead.
  • Looking balefully at the stack of not just unfinished but un-begun embroidery projects I’d intended to do for holiday gifts, because I never learn to start them earlier than November.
  • Binge-reading The Saxon Chronicles, among other things.
  • Watching Dancing with the Stars (go Charli!), The Amazing Race (go twins!), and GBBO (idk bbs you’re all beautiful).

(Why a “Now” page? Because as algorithms make it increasingly difficult to see updates and content even from people you follow on various platforms, this can be a reliable place to catch up on news!)