Tarot Readings

I’ve been reading tarot cards for almost nineteen years, and from time to time, I’ve offered readings via this website. I’ve decided to make it a permanent option! Use this form to make a request and let me know what you’d like me to focus on.


Readings on Offer

Aventan Elements Special ($15): A tarot-reading themed to the elements of From Unseen Fire! Find out how to harness the powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit, Time, Shadow, Light, and Fracture in your life. See a sample that I did for myself: ElementalTarot-Cass21M18

Past-Present-Future ($5): What it says on the tin. Three cards, one representing an aspect of the past that’s currently influencing you, one representing where you are now, and one representing where you might be headed or where you might want to aim your efforts.

Five Card Draw ($8): Five cards that I’ll let tell me their story. It might be a central figure or situation with four influences; it might be a decision and its repercussions; it might be a sequential story. This spread can be good if you don’t have a specific question in mind but are generally curious about the flow of your life at the present time.

Zodiac Reading ($18): A comprehensive twelve-card spread that looks at the scope of your life through the lens of the western zodiac. Each sign governs certain things — the home, friendships, sex, career, etc — and the card that lands in the position for each sign will point to what’s going on and what you might need to focus on in that arena.


Standard disclaimer: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as any sort of guarantee as to what will happen in your future. I think of them as meditative and therapeutic — a way of focusing your energy and reflecting on your life and the people and situations in it.


Interested? Fill out this form!