Reading Recs for Women’s History Month — 2020 Expansion!

Five years ago, I put together a rec list for Women's History Month. I've read a lot of books since then! So I thought I'd expand the list with some newer titles (or new-to-me titles) featuring amazing women from history.

Aven Cycle Book Two Title!

Book Two officially has a title! I'm delighted to announce that Latona, Sempronius, Vibia, Neitin, Aula, and all the rest will be back in... Give Way to Night I'm really pleased with it. Unlike From Unseen Fire, where it took ages to arrive at something that made everyone happy, this had immediate unanimity. It was … Continue reading Aven Cycle Book Two Title!

Book Recommendations 2019

Ten books I'm recommending in case you have some things still to check off on the holiday gift list!

Worldbuilding for Masochists Podcast — Expansion

Panoramic view of the Roman theatre in Palmyra (from Wikimedia Commons)

While I mention a few things to do with ancient Rome in the episode, I thought I’d expand a little bit here and talk about some of the pop culture that shows up in From Unseen Fire, and some of the things I’m building into Books Two and Three as well.

Word Cloud — Aven Cycle Book Two, Revised

I turned in a new draft of Aven Cycle Book Two to my editor last week! And, as is traditional, I made a word cloud for it. The five most-often-used words in this draft (apart from articles and pronouns and such) are: Latona, Sempronius, Vibia, magic, more. I'm glad to have this draft turned in, … Continue reading Word Cloud — Aven Cycle Book Two, Revised

Jigsaw Puzzle Revisions

So for the past couple of months, I've been revising Book Two of the Aven Cycle. It's been an interesting process, because while I'm not actually generating a ton of new content, it's felt like that kind of heavy lifting. Have you ever seen that thing where an artist puts together jigsaw puzzles that have … Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle Revisions

But isn’t this a girl book?

My favorite book to recommend to readers of a certain age, or those shopping for them, is Patricia Wrede's Dealing with Dragons. It's a perfect rec for middle grade readers with an interest in fantasy who have already consumed the "big" titles at that level -- Warriors, The Unwanteds, Land of Stories, Percy Jackson -- but who … Continue reading But isn’t this a girl book?

The Battle of Winterfell Predictions

My guesses are grounded in my theory that the very last episode of the series will be winnowed down to essentially the same cast as the very first.

On Reading Tolkien

"Must" is a silly word. The books you "must" read to be a fan of a genre, or to create within it, are the books which speak to your soul, the ones that resonate with you.

A Much-Delayed Update

News on the #AvenCycle, conventions, websites, and a giveaway!