Reading Recommendations (while you’re waiting for FROM UNSEEN FIRE)

Hallo! Cold, grey, dreary wintry days always have me wanting nothing more than to curl up with a good book, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with y'all. Not just favorites, but favorites that, in some way or another, I think will be enjoyable to the folk who will like From Unseen … Continue reading Reading Recommendations (while you’re waiting for FROM UNSEEN FIRE)

My Princess, My General

Carrie Fisher helped me realize -- continues to help me realize, because it's a process, not a moment -- that I can and will produce good things, good work and good art, even in the midst of personal crisis or chaos.

Reading Recs for Women’s History Month

Fuse Literary (the agency that represents me) ran a reclist on Tumblr for Black History Month all through the month of February, and they're looking to do so again in March for Women's History Month. Since this is an area of personal interest and importance to me, I took up the challenge when they asked … Continue reading Reading Recs for Women’s History Month

The Amazing Life of Flatware

Okay, y'all, this is why I find history so ridiculously exciting. The Tokyo National Museum released information today regarding the dating of a blue glass dish found in a 5th-century tomb in the Nara Prefecture. Why is this super-interesting? Because the glass is of Roman origin. In 5th-century Japan! Imagine the life this flatware must have … Continue reading The Amazing Life of Flatware

For Bear

Everyone -- if they're lucky -- has that teacher. The one who manages to send a hook into your soul and pluck out something you didn't even know was there -- who challenges and encourages and supports in equal measure. For me, and for hundreds of other students who have passed through the Thomas Jefferson/Maggie L … Continue reading For Bear

I had a new idea…

I had a new idea... Still very much nascent, but there are a few images, perhaps a few beginnings of characters and conflicts starting to swirl around in my head.

Figures in History: Hortensia the Orator

Coolest new thing I learned today: So in 42 BCE, the Second Triumvirate found itself in need of a lot of cash. They did the usual thing, proscribing their enemies. Proscribing, for those who don't know, meant murdering them and confiscating their estates as forfeit to the state -- or, for the ones they felt … Continue reading Figures in History: Hortensia the Orator

Pinterest Inspiration Board for Aven

Aven Inspiration Board -- Also a great way to catalog bits of research to keep in mind.

The Painting That Started It

Before I began work on Aven, I had been entertaining the idea of a Roman-set fantasy for a while. It seemed to me that there was so much untapped potential there. Since so many fantasies get the typical western-European medieval/early-Renaissance treatment, but with Rome, you get so many different things -- a more diverse population (not … Continue reading The Painting That Started It

Inspiration Board for The Antares Project

Inspiration Board for The Antares ProjectA lot of fashion, some gadgets, some maps, some history -- all perfect to get me in the mood for working on this project!