The Magic of Aven

Earth supports, Air directs;
Water nourishes, Fire protects;
Spirit inspires, Light reveals:
Time measures, Shadow conceals;
Fracture marks the lines between;
Thus do all the Nine convene.

In Aven, elemental magic has shaped the nation as much as politics and war. The gods choose certain individuals for their blessings, which manifest in Aventan tradition as one of nine elements. Some mortals are only weakly blessed, with gifts manifesting as a particular talent, something that just makes their jobs or everyday lives easier. Some mortals have greater powers, flashier, with a greater ability to influence the world around them.

And some spare few have power enough to shake the foundations of their world.

Which elemental magic would you wield? A short personality quiz to help you figure out which of the nine elements of Aventan magic you might have the power to control. Which god or goddess has blessed you? What talents can you use to affect the world?

Mages of Aven microfiction series: Of the three hundred thousand people living in Aven, a little over 300 have magical blessings. Here’s your chance to meet them, 100 words at a time.

Treatises on Aventan Magic (Patreon exclusive): A history of magic in the Aventan world, from its Tyrian and Athaecan roots to its differentiation and application.