Where World-Building Starts

Kate Elliott is writing an excellent series of World-Building Wednesdays, and today's post, The Flowering of an Image, focuses on the germination of a world -- what kernel it is that turns into a place in which stories can live. Elliott says that her world-building most often begins with an image which then spurs the … Continue reading Where World-Building Starts

From Moodling to Manuscript: The Revision Process

I'm starting 2016 off strong! I've just¬†completed and sent off the first round of revisions under official DAW¬†Editorial guidance (as opposed to Connor's editorial-agent guidance). Those edits are the reason I haven't been blogging here much through the fall -- I could never quite justify to myself writing a blog post when I knew I … Continue reading From Moodling to Manuscript: The Revision Process

Lucky is a Low Bar

This is a post I started writing a month ago, and then didn't finish. This is the kind of post I've started writing a lot of times, and have never finished. I'm prompted to do so today by the bravery and strength of my cousin, who's told her story of abuse in support of another … Continue reading Lucky is a Low Bar