Personality Theory and Character Development

I unabashedly love personality quizzes. Always have. From my earliest interactions with the internet, back on AOL, to flooding my LiveJournal with results from Quizilla, to newer iterations on Facebook, I just plain delight in them. It doesn't much matter how ridiculous they are. I will cheerfully find out what flavor of ice cream I … Continue reading Personality Theory and Character Development

For Bear

Everyone -- if they're lucky -- has┬áthat teacher. The one who manages to send a hook into your soul and pluck out something you didn't even know was there -- who challenges and encourages and supports in equal measure. For me, and for hundreds of other students who have passed through the Thomas Jefferson/Maggie L … Continue reading For Bear

5 Fandom Friday

The idea for this post comes from The Nerdy Girlie, by way of Gail Carriger. What five fandoms were my gateway into the reader and writer I am today? This was actually really easy for me to suss out, though I did decide not to include some of the earlier childhood obsessions that, while I'm … Continue reading 5 Fandom Friday