On the need for a new project…

Having a manuscript out on sub is a bit of an odd experience when it comes to continuing to work as a writer. It was true when I was querying agents, and it's true now that we're out to editors. I need something to do -- writers write, after all. Not having something to work on … Continue reading On the need for a new project…

A Progression of Heroines

Some reflective thoughts today: When I was a teenager, the heroines I wrote tended to fall into a very certain mold. Lady Rebels and Golden Queens, butt-kicking leaders who defied all expectations and restrictions, who were full of fire and glory. Their lives were tumultuous, with soap-opera-worthy romantic tangles and nefarious villains to challenge them, … Continue reading A Progression of Heroines

I had a new idea…

I had a new idea... Still very much nascent, but there are a few images, perhaps a few beginnings of characters and conflicts starting to swirl around in my head.


I knew gladiatrices -- female gladiators -- were a thing. I didn't realize how big a thing they apparently were. I've been reading a book called Working IX to V (because who doesn't love a Roman numeral -based pun?), which examines a lot of odd professions in the Roman world. The tagline for the gladiatrix is "flirting with death … Continue reading Gladiatrices

Writing Habits Questionnaire

Saw this over at Jodie Llewellyn's blog and, well, I've always been a sucker for a good survey, so here goes! 1. Typed or Handwritten? Mostly typed these days, though it was not always so. Between the ages of 11 and 18 I filled about two dozen five-subject notebooks with reams upon reams of handwritten … Continue reading Writing Habits Questionnaire