Surveying Women Writers

Mslexia is currently running a survey about how women writers feel that their partners help and/or hinder their writing. I imagine I'll have more thoughts once the results are released, but just taking the survey sparked a couple of things in my brain: First, it made me head-tilt a bit to see that the default … Continue reading Surveying Women Writers

The Cast of Aven: The Vitelliae

There's a lovely Roman women dollmaker, and I like to play dress-up sometimes. Because I'm an adult. The male dollmaker isn't quite as good, since it pretty well only works for military costume, not casual or senatorial, but since Gaius here is a tribune, it'll do.  The lack of togate options did mean I had to … Continue reading The Cast of Aven: The Vitelliae

I will see a division

Reading "SFF in Conversation: Women Write SFF" by guest blogger Andrea K Höst over at The Book Smugglers kicked me in the pants to do something I've been meaning to do for a while -- actually tally up all of my books and see what the male-female ratio is. So. My shelves as they currently … Continue reading I will see a division

The Writer in the Woods

I don't believe in writer's block. Writer's block is just code for laziness. I am an adult, and so when I am lazy and procrastinating, I am at least capable of admitting that that's what I'm doing. I will also admit that, as a teenager, I went through those melodramatic phases where I blamed everything … Continue reading The Writer in the Woods