Word Clouds for ‘Aven’ Manuscript

I love word clouds. There's just something mesmerizing about them, and they can be so weirdly artistic, too. I got sort of addicted to them at work, actually, because we use them for various teaching purposes. I've done them for Aven three times now: once right after I finished the first draft, once after I'd done … Continue reading Word Clouds for ‘Aven’ Manuscript

The (Awesome and Fascinating) Complexities of Roman Society

I love how bewilderingly complex Roman society was. Western culture has a habit of thinking of status in a very feudalistic way, even centuries after feudalism itself failed. (I'm not sure why this is, but I'd love for some sociologist to explain why we remain cultural inheritors in this way). We think in percentages and … Continue reading The (Awesome and Fascinating) Complexities of Roman Society

The Painting That Started It

Before I began work on Aven, I had been entertaining the idea of a Roman-set fantasy for a while. It seemed to me that there was so much untapped potential there. Since so many fantasies get the typical western-European medieval/early-Renaissance treatment, but with Rome, you get so many different things -- a more diverse population (not … Continue reading The Painting That Started It

An Exciting Announcement

Now that things are official and contracts are being signed, I feel it right and proper that I make this announcement here (and on attached platforms): I am now being represented by Mr. Connor Goldsmith of Lowenstein Associates. He'll be shopping Aven to publishers as well as working with me on future projects. I'm tremendously excited about … Continue reading An Exciting Announcement

Nano Survey

Taken and adapted from The Polling Booth, because I like surveys and they're a good way to kill time. 😉 THE SURVEY - What age range are you?:  Late 20s - Male, female, other?: Very much female. - If 1 is 100% Masculine and 10 is 100% Feminine, what number would you rate yourself for your country/background?: Er. I dunno. 8? … Continue reading Nano Survey

Reading: WPA Slave Narratives Collection

Okay, so one of the things about The Antares Project is that, as it's an alternate universe, there are some key changes to the world's social and economic structures that I'm having to take some time to think through, research, and plan out. One of those is that, with the American South coming back under control … Continue reading Reading: WPA Slave Narratives Collection

A thought on subjectivity

When, in the space of a week, one agent tells you, "love the concept, but the writing didn't grab me" and another agent tells you "love the writing, but the concept didn't grab me", this could easily turn into a rather depressing line of thought. After all, how can you win that game? How do … Continue reading A thought on subjectivity

Nano Prep — Unleash the Hounds

It's that time of year again! Sign-ups have started for National Novel Writing Month. I've already set up my profile and conned one local friend into joining the madness with me. I just realised that this is my tenth year of participation. (My first was in 2002, but I punked out in 2006, thanks to … Continue reading Nano Prep — Unleash the Hounds

Inspiration Board for The Antares Project

Inspiration Board for The Antares ProjectA lot of fashion, some gadgets, some maps, some history -- all perfect to get me in the mood for working on this project!