Introducing the Ladies of The Antares Project

The clothing is a little more fanciful and a little less historically-sound than I'm really imagining, but all the same, these are reasonable approximations. Haven't yet found a steampunk dollmaker I like well enough for menfolk, so I can't introduce you to the gents yet. 😉

NaNoWriMo Writing Prompt – Where’s My Character?

So, as part of the gearing-up for Nano, they're posting writing prompts on FB's. I don't always manage to see them in a timely fashion, but I did today's. For today's writing prompt, we're playing a game we like to call: "Where's My Character"! Describe the city or location your novel takes place in with 100 … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Writing Prompt – Where’s My Character?

New Matter and Infinite Variety

In which Cass has feelings about Shakespeare, and they spill out all over the internet. Reblogged from my day job.

American Shakespeare Center Blog

There have been a spate of articles lately questioning the continual worth of Shakespeare. It’s a media trend that comes around every once in a while, and I suspect the most recent fad for it is related in some way to the UK’s ongoing debate about how much Shakespeare to include in the curriculum. We understand the argument on this side of the pond, too, where Shakespeare, and the humanities in general, are frequent targets for those who believe that STEM subjects are the only ones with intrinsic value. Today’s entry into the conversation is “Is there anything new to say about Shakespeare?” from Michael Reisz at Times Higher Education, an article examining Shakespeare’s role in critical theory throughout the ages, wondering if scholarship has simply exhausted itself on this topic — if we’ve tapped out Shakespeare’s reserves. The article considers several different viewpoints, academic and practical, both from the…

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On David Gilmour

Just a quick note regarding the ongoing David "I only teach real manly manly men, no homos, no lady bits, you understand?" Gilmour controversy -- this post by Anne Thériault is one of the best things I've read on it so far. So go read it. Because the thing is, if you're not a cis white straight male, … Continue reading On David Gilmour

Thoughts on #MSWL

Today was another round of the #MSWL hashtag on Twitter. #MSWL stands for Manuscript Wish List, and the idea is that agents and editors post the sorts of things they'd love to see queried -- be it specific genres, specific types of characters, certain tropes used or smashed, certain themes explored. The first one I … Continue reading Thoughts on #MSWL

ORBIS: A Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World

ORBIS Okay, this is seriously the coolest thing I’ve seen on the Internet in a really long time. I've been using it for Aven, particularly when it comes to estimating how long it would take the army to move. Not only does it calculate times and routes, it can estimate prices, adjust for seasonal variants, give you … Continue reading ORBIS: A Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World


I've decided to start this blog to showcase some of the work that goes into my writing. I'll be posting research, news articles and op-eds that interest me, Nano updates in the appropriate seasons, internet-generated silliness, random musings, and even the occasional snippet of what I'm working on. First order of business will be to … Continue reading Welcome!